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Find your favorite gear to improve your next adventure. At Armory Shop 45, we make sure to always stay stocked on the best gun range gear and shooting accessories. We have the high-quality accessories and gear that will improve your experience the next time you pick up a firearm. From durable camping utility shovels to comfortable gun range earmuffs, we have it all! We carry the best products available because we believe your gun range gear shouldn’t comprise safety for cost. We also offer educational material for those entering the world of firearms and want to know about guns and shooting accessories.

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SIX GUN SAFETY RULES (45 Gun & Ammunitions)
There are six basic gun safety rules for gun owners to understand and practice at all times: 1 – Treat all guns as if they are loaded. Always assume that a gun is loaded even if you think it is unloaded. Every time a gun is handled for any reason, check to see that it is unloaded. If you are unable to check a gun to see if it is unloaded, leave it alone and seek help from someone more knowledgeable about guns. 2 – Keep the gun pointed in the safest possible direction. Always be aware of where a gun is pointing. A “safe direction” is one where an accidental discharge of the gun will not cause injury or damage. Only point a gun at an object you intend to shoot. Never point a gun toward yourself or another person. 3 – Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Always keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot. Even though it may be comfortable to rest your finger on the trigger, it also is unsafe. If you are moving around with your finger on the trigger and stumble or fall, you could inadvertently pull the trigger. Sudden loud noises or movements can result in an accidental discharge because there is a natural tendency to tighten the muscles when startled. The trigger is for firing and the handle is for handling.
4 – Know your target, its surroundings and beyond. Check that the areas in front of and behind your target are safe before shooting. Be aware that if the bullet misses or completely passes through the target, it could strike a person or object. Identify the target and make sure it is what you intend to shoot. If you are in doubt, DON’T SHOOT! Never fire at a target that is only a movement, color, sound or unidentifiable shape. Be aware of all the people around you before you shoot. 5 – Know how to properly operate your gun. It is important to become thoroughly familiar with your gun. You should know its mechanical characteristics including how to properly load, unload and clear a malfunction from your gun. Obviously, not all guns are mechanically the same. Never assume that what applies to one make or model is exactly applicable to another. You should direct questions regarding the operation of your gun to your firearms dealer, or contact the manufacturer directly. 6 – Store your gun safely and securely to prevent unauthorized use. Guns and ammunition should be stored separately. When the gun is not in your hands, you must still think of safety. Use a California-approved firearms safety device on the gun, such as a trigger lock or cable lock, so it cannot be fired. Store it unloaded in a locked container, such as a California-approved lock box or a gun safe. Store your gun in a different location than the ammunition. For maximum safety you should use both a locking device and a storage container.

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You’ll hear “caliber” tossed around in any discussion of guns. This term is merely a way to identify the type of cartridge that the weapons fires. Bullet calibers are identified two ways: by fractions of an inch, or in millimeters. The .45 ACP round used in many handguns is 0.45 inches in diameter—just under half-an-inch wide. The .22 round, .38 Special, and .500 Action Express rounds are all named for their sizes as a fraction of an inch. The 5.56-millimeter round used in an AR-15 (also expressed, in inches, as .223) is 5.56 millimeters in diameter (45 Gun and Ammunition). The nine-millimeter round is nine millimeters in diameter. And so on.
That said, a bullet’s diameter does not mean it will fit in every gun of that size, and there are many sub-varieties of ammunition. A .357 Magnum revolver bullet will not fit in a Glock pistol chambered in .357 SIG. The .22 Short round is primarily meant for pistols, while the .22 Long round is meant for rifles. This is starting to sound complicated, but what you really need to know is that, generally, a single gun can only shoot a single kind of bullet.

Different types of bullet calibers are meant to accomplish different tasks, and there are literally hundreds of bullet calibers. Some are for smaller shooters more sensitive to recoil, others are for long-range shooting, while still others are for close-range self-defense. For example, a .22 Long round is meant for small game hunting and light target practice. A .223 round, just a tiny bit wider in diameter than .22 Long has a longer range, travels at a higher velocity (45 Gun and Ammunition), and is much more lethal because of the shape of the bullet and the use of more gunpowder.
Bullets also have different shapes or other features to take on different tasks. Hollow-point bullets have a cavity in the nose of the bullet that allows the lead to spread outward on impact, morphing the aerodynamic bullet into a deadly, high-velocity metallic flower, creating gaping wounds. Tracer bullets are designed to allow the shooter to see where his or her bullets are striking at night, and armor-piercing bullets can penetrate body armor and light steel armor. Both are generally restricted to military use. “Snake rounds,” pistol rounds that fire a spread of small metal pellets, are useful for killing—you guessed it—dangerous snakes at a distance.

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