A Beginner’s Guide to Guns

Aug 17, 2022 | Gun Owners

If you are brand new to guns and want a non-political and rational introduction, then this guide to guns is for you.

Handgun and ammo
Perhaps you thought you would never own a gun until recent times. Or you shot your neighbor’s rifle that one time out at the country-farm 15 years ago and want another view before taking on the responsibility of being a gun owner. Thousands of people from all walks of life have been buying guns in breaking numbers. More rational people have rejected the culture of war around this topic and recognize the need for self-defense is still very real, even in an ‘advanced’ society. For example, women, liberals, urbanites, and people of color are some of the fastest-growing groups of firearm owners.

This guide to guns includes:

  • How guns work
  • Types of guns
  • Gun safety rules
  • Where to buy guns and ammunition

How Guns Work: Guide to Guns

After pulling the trigger, a mechanical striker or firing pin hits the primer on the bottom or back of a round, sparking an explosion inside the casing. The explosion then pushes against the back of the bullet, forcing it to separate from the casing. The energy keeps building as it continues pushing down the barrel. That is why you may see small flames coming out of the end of the barrel as the bullet escapes, meaning, the leftover gas quickly burns off now that it has room. That is why a bullet’s speed and barrel length are often correlated. The more time a bullet and the gas or energy behind it are kept in that one-way-escape tube, the more time the bullet has to gain speed and stability before the energy is dispersed in the air.
how guns work

Types Of Guns

  • Pistols, Revolvers, or Handguns

They are small enough to be held and fired with one hand (although you should use two). Good for close targets up to 25 yards away (23 meters), but can be effective up to 50 yards (46 meters).

  • Shotguns

They typically require two hands and are held against your shoulder. You might have seen them used by hunters or people who shoot clay targets. Good for targets up to 50 yards away (46 meters), possibly up to 75 yards (68 meters).

  • Rifles

They are large, usually require both hands, and are held against the shoulder. Good for targets up to a mile away (1.6 km), although the most common models are meant for 100-400 yards (91-365 meters).

Gun Safety Rules: Gun Guide

  1. Treat every firearm as if it’s loaded until you personally know it isn’t.
  2. Only point the firearm at things you are willing to destroy.
  3. Always be sure of your target and what’s behind it.
  4. Only put your finger on the trigger / inside the trigger guard when you are ready to fire.
Modern, quality firearms do not fire on their own, even if dropped. 99.9% of gun accidents are caused by common human errors. By strictly following the rules above, you prevent circumstances where something bad can happen.
gun safety rules

It’s not the sort of thing where people get relaxed with these rules as they become more experienced. In fact, the most advanced gun owners are usually the most stubborn in regards to these rules because they know how important this framework is. That is why you will hear old-timers angrily call out things like “muzzle discipline!” at the shooting range when someone new waves their barrel in the wrong direction.

It is your responsibility that your firearm is safe, secure, and locked away from people or children who shouldn’t get to them. There are about 1.9 million children in the United States that live in homes with loaded but unlocked firearms. There are often serious legal punishments if you are careless with a gun, for example, leaving a loaded gun which a child can have access.

Where To Buy Guns And Ammunition

The real question should be;
Should you buy firearms and ammo locally or online?

The answer is simple;
Buy from wherever it is cheaper.

From experience, you can get a much better deal on guns and ammo if you find a good source. In fact, you can save an average of 50% or more on bulk ammo online than buying it in-store, even with shipping included. It is for this reason that about 53% of gun owners buy their ammunition online, which is way cheaper. But what stores give you the deals?


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