22 LR (Long Range) Ammo

The 22 LR ammo cartridge is popular with both novice shooters and experts. Its minimal recoil and relatively low noise make it an ideal cartridge for recreational shooting, small-game hunting, and pest control. With Armory Shop 45′ online selection you can find a variety of 22 Long Range ammo to fit your shooting needs!

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Not all 22 LR Ammo is created equal. Here are the top match, hunting and self-defense options for your .22 pistol or rifle.

  • SK 22 LR Match 40-Grain
  • CCI Pistol Match 40-Grain
  • Federal Champion 36-Grain
  • Winchester 37-Grain Varmint High Energy
  • Aguila SuperExtra 40-Grain
  • CCI Quiet-.22 LRN 40-Grain
  • Federal Small Game No. 12 Lead Birdshot
  • CCI Velocitor 40-Grain Plated HP
  • CCI Stinger 32-Grain Plated HP
  • Aguila 60-Grain Sniper SubSonic
  • Federal Punch Personal Defense 29-Grain
22 LR Ammo - 22 Long Range

Never have you had so many ammo options. There’s a massive amount of variety in the rimfire world, and some ammo is better at certain tasks than others. While the 22 LR ammo is not the most powerful, the most accurate or the most reliable, it has earned its spot in the limelight as a jack of all trades that has applications for virtually every corner of the shooting world—and beyond. There’s an almost unlimited number of uses for the world’s most popular rimfire, and we will be looking at the top three loads available for the top three most common uses people have for the cartridge.

The top three uses for the 22 LR are range shooting, hunting and self-defense. While it might seem that it’s more suited for plinking, this cartridge is a serious contender in all three of these arenas for a number of reason, including some surprising ones.

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