.44 Magnum Ammo

One of the most popular large bore magnum cartridges, the .44 Remington Magnum was originally developed for revolvers, sooner used for carbines and rifles. Based on a longer .44 Special case and loaded to a higher pressure, the .44 Magnum, also known as 10.9x33mmR, packs a heavier velocity than its Special counterpart. The .44 Magnum cartridge is great for short range hunting in North America when loaded with heavy deep-penetrating rounds. Armory  Shop 45 stocks .44 Magnum ammo in individual box quantities and cheaper bulk offerings. Buy in bulk and save on your pistol/handgun ammunition!

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Buyer’s Guide For .44 Magnum Ammo

The Hornady 300 XTP JHP load is perfect for medium-game hunting. It penetrates deeply, expands reliably and retains weight very well, which XTP hollow points have long been known for.

A 6-inch or longer barrel is best for expanding .44 Magnum ammo such as this, but it will perform just fine from a 4-inch gun as well. The advertised velocity is 1,150 feet per second with 881 foot-pounds of energy. There’s no such thing as “cheap plinking”.44 Magnum ammo, but this load gets you close. HSM’s Cowboy Action line is made for CASS and SASS shooters, and is a very mild load utilizing a black powder substitute.

.44 Magnum Ammo

It’s a 200-grain cast flat nose (Keith semi-wadcutter) bullet, good for an advertised 975 feet per second and 422 foot-pounds of energy. While still not cheap, this is about the cheapest .44 Magnum ammo you can buy, and it’s very soft-shooting to boot.

If you enjoy shooting your .44 Magnum for fun, get this load and enjoy. It could also serve as a capable medium game hunting load in a carbine inside 100 yards if it’s all you had available.

Hornady’s LEVERevolution line purports to make cartridges more aerodynamic. The G1 BC of this load is .145…so it’s not. But it is a good hunting load in a carbine or handgun, as it’s the same bullet design as Critical Defense and Critical Duty.

According to Hornady themselves, this 225-grain FTX load—with a 100-yard zero—has a first intercept at 25 yards, a second intercept at 100 yards and drops 5.4 inches at 150 yards, for something like a maximum point blank range of about 125 yards with a 1.5-inch offset. At 200 yards, the point of impact drops about 16.5 inches.

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