Revolvers for sale at Armory Shop 45 for discount prices.  Huge selection of the best revolver, quick shipping, and a lifetime warranty. A revolver is a handgun that has a rotating cylinder holding the shots. They are classified as either single action, in which case the hammer must be pulled back to rotate the cylinder or double action where the action of pulling the hammer back will both rotate the cylinder and then fire the pistol.  Armory Shop 45 carries many types of 45 ACP revolver, including revolvers for women, for CCW (Concealed carry), and for hunting. A 45 ACP revolver is great for self-defense because it is easy to handle, easy to shoot, and has a small form factor.

Ruger Birdshead-Style Wrangler 45 ACP Revolver

Ruger’s popular line of single-action rimfire revolvers just got expanded with three new options to choose from. Still chambered for .22 LR, the new Birdshead-Style Wranglers will feature shorter barrels than previous models and come in three different finishes. The cherry on top is that these will only cost ten dollars more than standard Wrangler models.

The biggest change on these new Rugers, if you couldn’t gather from their name, is their Birdshead-style grip frames. Sleeker and more concealable than the standard pattern of Wrangler grips, the new Birdshead-Style Wranglers will ship with black synthetic grip panels but can be replaced with aftermarket grips of the same style. The new models now sport 3.75-inch barrels as well, and Ruger claims that the guns will still fit most Single-Six style holsters.

Ruger Birdshead-Style Wrangler 45 ACP Revolver

The Birdshead-Style Wranglers will be available in three colors of Cerakote finish: black, silver and burnt bronze. Besides the new grips, shorter barrels and new finish options, these new Wranglers are otherwise identical to the models that came before them. That includes their six-shot cylinders, blade front/trench rear sights and transfer bar safety mechanisms. The cylinders are still made of aluminum alloy and the barrels are still cold hammer-forged with ultra-precise rifling to get the most out of your plinking.

The three new Birdshead-Style Wranglers all share an MSRP of $279, making them only ten dollars more than the older Wranglers with Single-Six style grip frames. Almost as affordable with the same build quality and some interesting new features, these look to be some fun new rimfire options for Western-styled plinkers.

Ruger Birdshead-Style Wrangler 45 ACP Revolver

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