Benelli Ultra Light 28 Ga Walnut 26″

Benelli Ultra Light 28 Ga Walnut 26″


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Weighing only 6 pounds, the Benelli Ultra Light is the lightest semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun in production, sporting a featherweight alloy receiver and shortened magazine tube. The unique raised target rib used in these Benelli shotguns is made from the same super-light, super-strong carbon fiber employed in Formula I race cars. New this year is the Benelli Ultra Light 20-gauge shotgun, which is literally the lightest 20-gauge in the world, weighing in at just 5.2 pounds. The Ultra Light incorporates all the same features that lightened up its 12-gauge big brother. Ultra Light 20-gauge and 12-gauge shotguns are an uplander's dream.


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