Henry All-Weather .45-70 Govt Lever-Action Side Gate Rifle

Henry All-Weather .45-70 Govt Lever-Action Side Gate Rifle


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In a tough world where a working rifle might be “rode hard and put away wet", this is the finish you want on it. A very strong plating permanently bonded to the steel underneath, hard chrome doesn’t flake, chip, or peel, and its corrosion resistance is actually stronger than some stainless steels. The treatment used increases surface hardness, reduces friction on moving parts, doesn’t normally scuff or scratch, and leaves a low-gloss look that won’t spook game. The All Weather rifles feature a stained hardwood stock with a carefully-selected coating that’s formulated to stand up to wear, tear, scratches, moisture, temperature variations, and the angst of the various “character marks" an everyday outdoor tool inevitably picks up during its lifetime.


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