The semi auto shotgun is great for hunting, self-defense, and sporting purposes. Armory Shop 45 has a variety of semi auto shotguns in various gauges from 12 ga to 410 ga. We stock best-selling brands such as BrowningRemingtonTristar Sporting ArmsBenelli, and more. Need shotgun ammo too? No problem, because we offer shotshells for all types of uses.

Understanding The Semi Auto Shotgun

Semi Auto shotgun makes and models abound. Picking one that will enhance your shooting ability and enjoyment means understanding their operating systems and yourself.

The turn of the 20th Century must have been an amazing time to be alive. The advent of the electric light, moving pictures, the internal combustion engine and, of course, the semi auto shotgun. The mind reels at the technological advancement. Particularly the smoothbore.

Not to take anything away from the horseless carriage and illumination at the flick of a switch, but the autoloading scattergun must have been mind-boggling to the folks of the age.

Understanding The Semi Auto Shotgun

Five shots with little more than the pull of a trigger? The devil you say! Two short decades before 1905, shotguns were exclusively single barrel or side-by-side affairs, complete with external manually cocked hammers. Not exactly the stuff for rapid-fire. Moving to an autoloading system was dang near akin to jumping from ox-and-cart to GTO.

No wonder the semi auto shotgun dominated much of the past century and only continues to get better with time.

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